Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Not without my brother!

At first, everyone in Santo thought they were twins, because they are close and their names were so similar. But Jordan and Jordensten are six and seven years old, respectively. However, they never let each other out of their sight, they walk through the SOS Children's Village holding hands always sit close together and reassure each other. Jordan, the younger one of the two, seems more relaxed and even laughs from time to time. Maybe that's because he knows that he at least still has his big brother to take care of him in these strange surroundings - and after all they've been through.

When the quake hit, Jordensten and Jordan were in Port-au-Prince with their family; their father, mother, their sister and themselves. Neither their sister nor their father survived. Their mother was badly injured, but somehow managed to bring the boys out into the open. They survived the first few days any way they could in one of the many emergency camps, often relying on the help of strangers. Their mother was taken to one of the temporary hospital clinics; her current condition is uncertain.

The boys hardly talk about what happened to them but they are happy to talk about how they are doing right now in the SOS Children's Village: "The food is really good and I can play anytime I want" says Jordan, disappearing toward the swings, dragging his brother along by the hand.

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