Thursday, 28 January 2010

Beautiful, free and strong

These three words describe the songs which radio stations here in Haiti having been playing for some days. Singing about a beautiful and free country, which will be strong and healthy forever. It´s to try to give people hope and strength, but it sometimes sounds more than a lost dream and a vision. Rebuilding will take years, and many elements to “new” build Haiti. It will only work, if there is an international Masterplan put in place. It would need a lot of help, not only money, but also know how and consulting in a common approach from local and international partners.

Here we are struggling to stabilize the situation in the village. For three days we have had no water and electricity in the village. But more important is that our relief workers are out in the field, delivering food to local communities. So at least we are making sure many children get their daily meal. We are also out in the refuge camps, and seeing the situation there it always reminds you how important it is to establish safe shelters for lone children.

Since yesterday we have a small medical clinic on site, run by the Dominican Red Cross doctors, on our playing fields. Forty child spaces for sick SOS children, the children which are in our safe shelter and also those injured from around the neighborhood.

The spaces for children accommodated with our families here are already full. So we rush to put up tents. Perhaps the space is enough to care for 200-300 children properly but we are preparing the additional facilities which may be needed to host 500 children.

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