Monday, 29 March 2010

Haiti has changed me

Louis Klamroth, in Haiti for SOS Children's Villages, says goodbye to Haiti and looks back on two of the most beautiful, terrible months of his life.

My last "official act" was to request an escort from the UN for one of our food distributions. Last week a mob seized one of our trucks and stole all the rations in it. For a long time, there was no need for escorts, but it looks like we will be distributing our food donations only when there is military personnel protecting us, even though I just can't get used to the thought of it.

Everything is ready. My successor has started her work and for me, the time has come to say goodbye to Haiti. The last two months have been the most beautiful, terrible, and intense thing I have ever experienced in my life. I admit I am exhausted and also ready to leave now. My time here in Haiti has demanded every last bit of energy of me and I look forward to being on my way to Santo Domingo tomorrow.

Many things I have seen here will stay with me for a long time. Haiti has changed me. I have had so many moments of joy here that this blog would exceed its limit were I to recount them all here. Today I took Marevie into my arms once more. To think I may never see her again makes me feel physically ill. The doctors have promised to take very good care of her and to send me an update on how she is doing via email. Leonie, the SOS-nurse, has also promised to be in touch regularly. The children in the SOS Children's Village of Santo have worked their way into my heart, and even though we only ever communicated by using our hands andf feet, I have had the privilege of being taught a lot by them.

Even if it'll be a while before I can process some of my experiences here, I leave with a feeling of accomplishment. We have made an incredible amount of progress (although it does feel a bit like we've barely scratched the surface of the problem); and the team of SOS co-workers is well under way to securing a safe, enduring and prosperous future for many of Haiti's children. I am proud to have been a part of this team and thank all those who remain on it, not just the people working for SOS Children's Villages here in Haiti, but also those all over the world; for making it possible for us to return to the children that most valuable posession so many of them had almost lost: their childhood.


  1. All I can say is THANK YOU for the work you have done on behalf of Haiti's children.

  2. This has been an amazing Blog! Thank you for all you did for the children, you are a truly generous person! Thank you for all the beautiful stories!